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Yew Tree - Masked Singer

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Returning to school - March 8th - Information

Well done to everyone who sent in a pancake picture. It looks like you have had a great time!

We can't wait to see you back in school!

Monday 22nd February 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,


World Book Day this year will take place on Thursday 4th March. All the teachers have chosen a book that will be shared on World Book Day and lessons and activities on that day will be linked to it. We would like all the children to join in the fun and wear bright colourful clothes so we can create our own Rainbow of Readers whether your child is part of keyworker provision at school or learning at home.

World Book Day is a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate reading and encouraging children to read for fun.  Last year we had some great photos from home with our ‘Reading Takes You Places!’ challenge. This year’s fun challenge is to decorate a potato (or an egg) as your favourite book character! See below for some inspiration…

Please send your photos to your child’s class gmail address.  



Live spelling lesson - Year 2

Please joining our live year 2 spelling session every day at 11.30 using the link below the password is year2


Live phonics zoom lesson - Reception 11.0oam

 From today we are going to begin to offer daily live phonics sessions for the reception children at 11.00 am. Please click the link below the access. 


The password to enter the meeting is 'reception'

Lockdown newsletter - 12/02/2021


Dear Parents


Thank you very much for taking the time to complete the remote learning survey. It is fantastic to see so much positive feedback and so many lovely comments. We know that this is not the best situation for the children at home, however, we will continue to endeavour to deliver a full curriculum to the children until we can welcome them back to school. 


I would like to take this opportunity to clarify a few questions raised so that parents have a greater understanding of the remote learning system. 


Martine Buckley



Why are the zoom lesson for KS2 so short?

Zoom lessons are half an hour per class. We have had to restrict the amount of time that the teachers spend on Zoom as the school’s internet facilitates would not be able to cope with all of the classes accessing the internet at the same time. We use this time to explain the task and try and ensure that all children are confident before signing off.



Why is KS1/ Reception not having a Zoom lesson?

We have decided to prerecord the KS1 videos as we are aware that some families have more than one sibling using the computer. Pre-recording the key stage 1 videos, allows parents to access the learning material at a time suitable to them. KS1 are sharing a story each day via Zoom so that children have daily contact with their class teacher. 


Moving forward we will be offering reception, year 1 and year 2 daily zoom phonics lesson each day. This will start the week commencing 22nd February. More information will be on the website.



Can the feedback be individual?

The feedback for the work produced is whole class feedback. It is very difficult to provide each child with individual feedback via email. At the end of each lesson, the teachers will look at all of the work and pick out key misconceptions to focus on the next day. Each lesson will begin with a “Green Pen” activity. This activity is directly linked to the misconceptions in the work. 


Can we send out printed worksheets?

Unfortunately sending out printed worksheets each week to match the online learning is not possible. It would not be possible to deliver all of the worksheets due to the size of the school. Also, we would not ask parents to come to the school to pick up worksheet as this would be deemed as non-essential travel. The worksheets that go along with the work do not need printing out. The worksheet is to be used as a guide and answers can be written on a piece of paper. 


Can more work be added?

We have seen via the remote learning survey that several parents would like additional work so that their children do not fall behind. In response, a new tab has been added to each of the home learning pages called “additional work”. On this tab, parents can find additional maths, comprehension, handwriting and spelling work which their child can access in between zoom lessons or in their own time. 


Please find below the email addresses of the staff. If you would like to raise and concern, ask any questions or arrange a meeting with your class teacher,

please could you contact them first via email.




Email address

1 Red

Mrs Bouch


1 Blue

Miss Exley


1 Green

Miss Rothwell


2 Red

Miss Gresham


2 Blue

Mrs Owen & Mrs Whalley


2 Green

Mrs Gibson


3 Red

Mr Lever


3 Blue

Mrs Braithwaite


3 Green

Miss Wood


4 Red

Miss Begum


4 Blue

Miss Wheelhouse


4 Green

Miss Colley


5 Red

Mr Lewis


5 Blue

Miss Jay


5 Green

Mrs McCreary


6 Red

Mr Sonczak


6 Blue

Mr Howard


6 Green

Mr Armstrong