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Yew Tree Community School

Federated with Mather Street Primary School (My Schools Together) - Making things better

Wednesday 7th December - Coffee/Tea morning 9:15am

Dear parents/carers,


Welcome to Yew Tree Community School, Chadderton, federated with Mather Street Primary School in Failsworth.

You and your child are very important to us and the information available on this website will help us to work together so that your child can learn to the best of his/her ability.

Every term there will be an opportunity for you to talk to your child’s teacher, you will have a newsletter every half term about what your child will be learning and there will be homework challenges, assemblies and various events which you can join in with.

If you have any worries, it is always best if you have a chat with your child’s teacher first because s/he will know your child best. We do ask though for you to do this at the end of the day because our day always starts with reading. Mrs Broome or Mrs Molloy can arrange a telephone call for you if the end of the day is not convenient.

Sometimes, you may feel your child’s teacher can’t give you enough information, if this is so, Mrs Broome or Mrs Molloy can arrange for you to have an appointment with me, Mr Bhatti (Head of School) or Mr Moore (Head of School).

We are very proud of our school and we like to know what you think too. When I send out a newsletter, I always include a message slip and we always consult you on an aspect of our provision during parents’ evenings. You can always let me know at other times if you come up with any great ideas.

Another way of communicating is through our governors, especially the parent governors; further information is available on the governors’ page of the website. Don’t forget, they can’t take up individual issues, only whole school ones.


Martine Buckley, Executive Headteacher


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