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Governors are a group of people interested in education who volunteer their time to support and challenge us to ensure the best possible education for the children for the MY School Federation. Amongst their responsibilities are curriculum, staffing, premises, finances, equal opportunities, health and safety and admissions.
The chair of governors is currently Mrs. S. Gibson.
Any correspondence to the Governors should be addressed to the chairperson at the school address. The information and particulars contained within this website are correct at the time of upload but may occasionally have to be changed:

a) before the start of, or during the school year in question, or
b) in relation to subsequent school years

If you are interested in joining the governing body for MY Schools Together or would like to find out more information about the role of the governors please contact the Mr S D Mould -

There are different types of governor.
- A Local Authority Governor is appointed by the Local Authority.
- A Co-opted Governor is appointed by the members of The Governing Body.

Parents are invited to apply for the position of Parent Governor. If there are more candidates than positions then an election will take place where all parents are invited for the most suitable candidate.







My Schools Together Current Governor Constitution










We currently have one space for  a parent governor.  To apply please contact Mr S D Mould on who can advise.












First Appointed

Term Start

Term End















Co-opted governors






Mrs Sally Brown


01 Sep 2012

16 Oct 2020

15 Oct 2024


Mrs Samantha Gibson

 Chair of Governors

01 Sep 2012

05 Mar 2019

04 Mar 2023


Mrs Joanne Lucy


01 Sep 2012

05 Mar 2019

04 Mar 2023


Mr Ian Mason


13 Mar 2014

13 Mar 2022

12 Mar 2026


 Mr Chanukaya Rajagopala


08 May 2018 26 Jun 2023 25 Jun 2027


Mr Jim Ryan


29 Nov 2012

29 Nov 2020

28 Nov 2024


Mrs Joanne Salway


01 Sep 2012

05 Mar 2019

04 Mar 2023


Mrs Caroline Spence

01 Sep 2012 05 Mar 2019 04 Mar 2023


Mr Mark Rybczynski  Vice Chair of Governors 15 Jun 2023 15 Jun 2023 14 Jun 2027














Mrs Martine Buckley

 Executive Headteacher

01 Sept 2012










Parent governors






Mrs Nicola Hamilton


09/05/2024 25/06/2024



Mr Adam Farrand






 1x Vacancy (Sept 2024 Election)





 1x Vacancy (Sept 2024 Election)










Staff governors






Mr C Sonczak


21 Jun 2022

21 Jun 2022

 20 Jun 2026













Full Governing Body Attendance Register


Financial Benchmarking Information - 

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Historic Attendance Registers

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Governor Forms

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