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At Yew Tree Community School, we use White Rose Maths as the main framework to teach mathematics to our children. This is supplemented with other resources to provide appropriate national curriculum coverage and the opportunity for children to become fluent mathematicians, be able to reason mathematically and solve mathematical problems. Children throughout the school follow a mathematical process based on the CPA approach where they learn a mathematical concept though using concrete apparatus, represent it pictorially and then use the skills they have learnt in an abstract way to carry out calculations. The children solve reasoning and problem solving questions using their deeper and wider understanding of mathematics. All children from Year 1-6 have daily arithmetic sessions based on the national curriculum expectations for the year group and a 'number of the day' arithmetic activity. This allows our children to practise their mental calculation strategies to support them with the wider world and their futures.  Children receive a weekly maths homework based on something that they have learnt that week in school. 


Formative assessments

In each lesson, the children have the opportunity to complete a flashback 4 which revisits areas of maths that they completed the day before, week before or unit before. This allows the children to revisit previous topics and allows teachers to assess their progress ongoing. The children also have a daily green pen task which is a correction or consolidation activity based on something from the previous lesson. This provides opportunities for children to address misconceptions or challenge the children further if they have got the concept correct. Maths books are marked ongoing by the class teacher and misconceptions are addressed through live marking. When children are identified as needing additional support, short term rapid interventions are put into place to close the gaps.  

Summative assessments 

The children complete an end of unit test at the end of every unit. Teachers then use this assessment to address gaps in the learning or misconceptions that have arisen. This also helps to inform interventions. All children complete a year group White Rose end of term assessment in Autumn 2, Spring 2 and Summer 2. Year 2 and Year 6 complete a SATs test in May. Year 4 children all complete their Multiplication screening check in June. 

White Rose yearly overviews

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National curriculum objectives 

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