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The English writing curriculum has been designed to ensure all learners, particularly the most disadvantaged, acquire the knowledge and understanding of how to compose a piece of writing for a range of purposes and audiences.

The curriculum has been created from the National Curriculum and the Key Learning documents (KLIPs) which inform the assessment. Each English unit is rigorous, precise and progressive. Furthermore, the writing curriculum allows teachers to build on prior learning and the acquisition of new writing skills: children will be inspired to write as they become fully immersed within high-quality texts. The writing process is a continuous cycle which allows constant exposure to genres and their specific grammatical skills

Genres are revisited through the use of incidental opportunities and year groups have been designated specific non-narrative genres to focus on. The approach generates speaking and listening opportunities which are fundamental to the writing process and understanding and applying the conventions of writing. In KS1, and where necessary in KS2, Signalong signs are taught and used to help children internalise the language structures of different genres in the initial stages.

Each English unit is driven by a primary high-quality text which links to the current topic. During the unit, links are made to other sources such as poetry or film. Children are immersed through a variety of carefully chosen learning activities such as conscience alley, role on the wall, hot seating, text mapping. There are incidental writing opportunities through the unit with a final outcome produced. Through the approach to writing, children are exposed to a Model of Excellence (WAGOLL) of a text which they examine and analyse for the features of the genre and then plan their own piece of writing. Positive attitudes are encouraged towards becoming an author and there is a distinct focus on the editing and redrafting process. Through our English writing curriculum, we foster children’s interest and provide a reason and context for writing so that they ultimately master the mechanics of both readings and writing in order to communicate their thoughts, ideas and emotions effectively. Opportunities are always taken to promote British values and SMSC through the context and discussion of a text and how it connects to the curriculum and beyond.