Alcester Street


Yew Tree Community School

What do parents say about us?

92% of parents would recommend us to someone else


94% of parents say that their child is happy at school


92% of parents say that their child feels safe at the school

97% of parents say that their child is doing well at the school

Comments from parents

My Daughter has moved school from Coventry to yew tree and I can see the big difference in her. Yew tree gave her so much confidence.

I am glad because my kids happy in the school I appreciate everyone how is working with my kids in this school thank you lot.

Everything the school does has been perfect for us so far, the teachers go above and beyond, and my child is learning so much.

Not just a good school with high levels of Education but also gives pupils opportunities to take part in extra curricular activities and wider experiences, such as playing with the Halle at Bridgewater Hall.