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Yew Tree Community School

At Yew Tree Community School, we use KAPOW as a motor for delivering an engaging, knowledge-rich and progressive curriculum for a range of foundation subjects: science, history, geography, art and design, design technology and music.

KAPOW develops pupils’ skills and knowledge throughout their time at Yew Tree, meaning that they are ready for their next step in education. It allows our pupils to build vital cultural capital through a wide range of experiences and develop a real love of learning in these discrete subjects. KAPOW’s sequencing means our learners re-visit learning so that it can be committed to long-term memory and build key schema between their learning.

In addition to KAPOW’s curriculum, history and geography and supplemented by carefully selected bespoke case studies, which act to further broaden a pupil’s cultural capital and knowledge of historical events, people and cultures we consider important to our pupils.

Modern foreign languages (French and Spanish)*, PE, spelling* and handwriting* use Twinkl’s sequenced planning, resources and assessment to deliver an engaging curriculum in these subject areas, which fulfils the expectations of the national curriculum.

Twinkl gives pupils at Yew Tree Community School a progressive whole-school offer with skills and knowledge continually built upon. This leave pupils with a wide range of experiences, love for learning and develops vital cultural capital in them so that they progress onto their next step in education fully prepared.

*KS2 only,

PSHE is delivered at Yew Tree Community School using the JIGSAW scheme.

Jigsaw is also a carefully thought-through progressive programme with a full set of attainment descriptors and an assessment process embedded throughout. It follows a progressive whole-school approach to PSHE with layers of understanding building upon each other year after year.

Over six topics, the curriculum supports children to feel a strong sense of belonging and community and to bring learning alive through the school community and in children’s lives outside of school.


The computing curriculum at Yew Tree Community School is delivered using Purple Mash.

The sequenced scheme of learning allows progression throughout the school from Year 1 to Year 6 and teaches all of the national curriculum areas required. On line safety is taught each half-term to pupils as stand-alone lessons.

In addition, expectations for pupils’ skills and programmes they are able to use are outlined in our computing progression document, which allows pupils to practise their skills in wider curriculum areas.